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Onesheet: A New EPK Tool for Musicians

Onesheet is a new tool for musicians created by Brenden Mulligan, founder of Artistdata. The service allows musicians to display all of their information in a simple format online by pulling information from their different online assets (social media profiles, media streams, etc.).  In private beta for the past month, Onesheet has already signed up over 10,000 artists and opened up its public beta program today (read the full article on Billboard.biz).

We joined the private beta soon after the service launched and created this Onesheet for our client Dash. Mulligan’s timing for a launch couldn’t have been more perfect. We were starting an online publicity campaign and needed a straight-forward EPK to send to blogs, labels, and other interested parties.We created Dash’s profile in 15 minutes by pulling in videos from his YouTube page and message streams from his Twitter and Facebook Fan pages. We also added a hi-resolution photograph and his bio (click here to see the finished product). Not bad for something we didn’t pay a cent for.

In the month that we’ve been using Onesheet, we’ve been pleased with the service.  Here are some of the features we liked:

  • The product makes it very easy to link to online assets.
  • The clean design is free of clutter.
  • It’s simple to share your profile with others. Just copy and paste the link.
  • It’s an EXCELLENT EPK platform. All of the elements essential to making a good EPK are present: Bio, Music, Photos, Press Mentions, & Concert Dates.
  • An added feature that makes it great as an EPK tool is the fact that viewers can browse your important social media profiles and see how active you and your following are.  This alone makes it priceless.
According to Hypebot, the public beta includes new features such as added support for iTunes and Topspin, Google Analytics integration, and more detailed profile customization.
Have any of you used Onesheet? If so, leave your thoughts, suggestions, and best practices below in the comments section.


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